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10 Tailgating Tips for Your Next Party

By September 2, 2021Insurance
10 Tips and ideas for throwing the best tailgate

Hosting a successful tailgate party is all about preparation. With the right approach, you can enjoy the tailgate instead of feeling unprepared or stressed. Take these 10 tips to plan your next tailgate party.  


10 Tips and ideas for throwing the best tailgate 


1   Research – Location, location, location 

If it’s your first time at a location, prepare your site. There’s nothing worse than getting to the game, and there’s no room left, or you get kicked out from where you are. The first thing to do is make sure you can tailgate at the designated location. From there you’ll want to ask around for when’s the best time to arrive. Ask friends or family who have gone before. Don’t know anyone, ask people on your favorite social media site.  


2   Games – The best tailgates have games 

If you’re bringing kids or not, you’ll want something to do in between drink and hotdogs. First of all, bring a football. You can toss it around or use it for fowling (explained ahead. There is an array of choices when it comes to games at a tailgate. Here are 4 of the best games for your next tailgate that should be safe for anyone.  

  • Cornhole – A game that the entire family can enjoy 
  • Ladder Toss – It can be frustrating to get the hang of, but incredibly fun once you get it. 
  • Fowling – This is a game for teens and adults because you need to throw a football at bowling pins to win. I’ll add a cheaper option for pins here for those that want to save some cash and their back. 
  • Giant Jenga – Another game that is great for teens and adults. The name says it all.  


I didn’t mention games like pong, horseshoes, or spike ball out of convenience. The easier a tailgate is to start and finish, the more enjoyable it is for the host. Now that we’ve chosen easy games for the host, what’s the easiest food for the guests? 


3   Food – Stake at a tailgate?  

Unless you plan to bring tables for everyone, I would not recommend a dish like a stake at a tailgate. Of course, you should have items that need a plate. But if you can avoid anything that requires cutting, do it. Finger food creates an almost effortless clean-up for you and your guests. Here’s a list of the best foods where you need a plate and a single utensil at most.  

  • Chips and Dip  
  • Beans 
  • MAc $ Cheese 
  • Hot Dogs  
  • Burgers 
  • Kabob 
  • Ribs 
  • Wings 
  • Nachos  


Now that you know what you’ll be cooking, decide who will be cooking. 


4  Grillmaster – The most coveted job at a tailgate

Usually, it’s the host of the tailgate that will be doing the cooking. But if you know Uncle Jimmy is coming, and he always wins the chili cook off. Consider handing over the reigns, so everyone is happy in the end. As long as the designated cook is attentive and within a safe parameter of the grill, the tailgate is in good hands. 


5   Distance – 3 Foot bubble

As I mentioned before about a solid designated cook, choose wisely. If you do hand off the reigns, make sure they know the rules. No games around the grill and no flammable items should be within 3 feet of it. So, we’ve talked a little about safety, now let’s talk about working smarter, not harder.  


6   Prep it – Be a conformist this time

For those who go with the flow and take things as they come. Don’t be like that when you’re planning a tailgate. The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable your tailgate will be. Cutting your foods at home will limit accidents at the tailgate when you have kids running around. Having everything prepped in containers also makes the cooking experience much more enjoyable for the cook. So make sure your food is prepped, and then focus on how you’ll pack it. 


7   Pack it – Not like the Beverly Hillbillies

Similar to packing your home, create a list. Make a list of everything you need at your tailgate. Doing this will give you peace of mind when you leave the driveway. Ensuring you won’t be taking an hour of your day running to the store for ketchup. 


8   Frozen Bottles – Brilliant Idea for a tailgate by itself

Tailgating can be an all day event. So aside from carrying sunscreen, bug spray, and other items to stay safe and comfortable. When stocking your cooler, add a few frozen water bottles. You’re not only adding ice to your cooler, but after a few hours, you’ll have that much needed bottle(s) of water. Staying hydrated is especially important while being in the sun all day.  


9   Relax – Just do it, when you wanna go do it   

After all of your hard work, you deserve to enjoy it. You planned, prepped, and executed perfectly. Now it’s time to sit back and relax or hang around in all the excitement; it’s all up to you.   


10  Clean Up – Just like your mother taught you  

One of the worst things someone can do is leave their trash behind after a tailgate. One way you can avoid your party-goers leaving their litter around is, once again, preparing. Make sure you have at least one trash can at your tailgate. Without it, some of your guests might find their way of disposing of their trash. 


I hope you use these 10 tailgating tips to have a safe and enjoyable tailgate party. 

If you think we forgot something, let me know below! I love hearing different ways people create a safe and enjoyable tailgate party.



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