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4 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping is something many people either love or hate!

Holiday shopping is here and is pressing on all our minds. What don’t they have? What do they even want? Do they even need anything at all? During 2020, we have learned to appreciate what we do have and not take things for granted. Many families are agreeing to just be together and not spend money on the little things that won’t even matter in a month. If you are planning on doing gifts, here are a few money saving tips to help keep spending to a minimum.

#1: Cut down on unnecessary spending

If you don’t have a gift for someone as you’re already on the way there, don’t make an extra trip to stop and get the unnecessary last-minute little gift. Chances are, they’ll probably regift it anyways. Cut down on eating out or recreational shopping before the holidays even begin and well into the new year.

#2: Plan Ahead

Plan all your shopping ahead of time. This will not only help you save money but also time. You won’t be making multiple trips to the same store throughout the year, and you will not be buying 700 gifts per person until you find the perfect one, then forget to return the rest.

#3: Use no-interest payment plans

A lot of payment plan companies, such as Afterpay partner with companies to let you pay in installments. These are usually equal payments paid each month, interest-free. This is a great way to pay for shopping as they allow you to spread out the amount of money you are spending. These companies do have hefty charges if a payment is missed, so make sure to set up auto-pay.

#4: Set a budget

Whether it is taking out a set amount of cash or making an additional account with a set limit, create a budget for shopping. The most important part? Stick to it. This will help you from overspending and worrying about bills and additional money come the new year.


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