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A Day In The Life of a Client Service Specialist

I try to make sure that my morning starts off right, as it ultimately impacts my mood and productivity for the whole day. The morning routine helps me stay focused and consistent on my personal and career goals. Glass of water, quick stretch or meditation, healthy breakfast, and I am ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.  

One thing that I love about working for Worthy is the reasonable level of flexibility that comes as a result of trust built with my manager. Some members start working earlier in the day to free up their schedule later, while other seasoned employees tailor the usual 9 to 5 to their “night owl” uniforms. Some employees are still adjusting to COVID times and remain remote, while we have an additional out-of-state office where others are. No matter where I work, I can rely on one important thing: others will have your back and pull the weight to help get the job done. This is something that I reflect on daily during my morning commute.  

Once I arrive at the office, I give a socially distanced “Hi” to everyone and pour a cup of coffee. Now I am prepared to dive into my daily activities and assess any e-mails that arrived in the past 16 hours. Being a CSR means you never know what to expect. Each e-mail is a new “mission accepted”! Tasks may include a lender requesting proof of coverage, an excited client closing on their new house and needing an insurance quote, a carrier announcing an expansion of their appetite, or an underwriter looking for updated loss runs. My job is to sort these things out and determine how urgent each request is. Some can be checked out very quickly – by a simple reply or a call. Others can take a longer time to figure out. It is not always up to my judgment, and I often collaborate with other departments within our agency to find the best solution for the task. For that reason, we use many modern tools, and one of them is our CRM system – it helps to keep track of things that happen in real-time. In this space, we collectively ensure every detail is up to date, and the task is noted with the steps taken and ones we need to take.   

Another thing that I check out daily is our group messenger. There is always something going on there! All the Worthy news is shared in this shared space. My personal favorites to check in on are the comments – you will find a couple of kind jokes and funny GIFs that make everyone smile.  

Many other events occur throughout the work week that are worthy of sharing. Now that summer is nearing and days are warming up, you may see our team out on a Worthy walk as part of our Wellness initiative. Every day at 2 PM, we have a study hour, our opportunity to take time off and use it for self-development and educational purposes. Many of us are going through supplemental courses, studying for designations, or taking enriching webinars. On Tuesdays, we have our weekly “Pulse” meeting with the whole company. Here, we put the focus on brainstorming new and engaging marketing strategies, client renewals, and risk management strategies to be implemented. Wednesdays are for fun! Currently, we are participating in an internal Decathlon that gets posted on our social media accounts. Yes, we have a TikTok…check it out!  

I truly enjoy all the fun and engaging things that make up my work week, and a sense of accomplishment is my biggest reward at the day’s end. All the to-dos are checked, e-mails are addressed, and activities are updated! I am now prepared to have a successful tomorrow. Now I can head home and work on my homework for school, but that is another story! 

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