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A Day In The Life of an Executive Assistant

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My day starts with morning snuggles with my dog while I listen to The Daily, a New York Times podcast. I eventually get out of bed, get dressed, and begin to carpe the diem. I head out the door making sure to grab my key card so I can enter the office building with ease.   

BUT first – COFFEE. I make a quick stop for my usual; one trenta iced coffee from my local Starbucks, and I start sipping immediately.  

I get to my desk, and clock in via the Paylocity portal. I log into our agency management system, and I open my Outlook inbox. I check our Teams channels, making sure I did not miss any important items during the off hours. My to-do list for the day is greatly defined by these programs, and that list changes from day to day. 

Some mornings may consist of me making coffee for the agency principal. I then touch base with the CEO to verify any pressing items on his agenda that require my assistance. Those items tend to involve formatting manuals, amongst other resources for internal needs and clients’ needs as well. Other days I assist our Claims team handle some documentation within our agency management system. Claims can be quite interesting and tend to be a daily task for me to assist with. I enjoy this aspect as it gives me a break from the day-to-day administrative tasks.   

Some days I am targeting marketing and social media items with our Social Media Coordinator, Claire. This can be as simple as approving upcoming posts to as complex as adjusting our website content. I do get a bit of joy as one of Worthy’s Facebook administrators, viewing our clients’ pages to see what they are up to as well and having the opportunity to interact with those same clients on another level. It has been special to see how these businesses, particularly the healthcare facilities with long-term residents, have creatively coped throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Social media has been a connecting force even more so during these challenging times. 

Every week I do audits of the team’s activities within our agency management system. I am basically the activity police, ensuring that everyone is attaching necessary documents, noting clearly and concisely, and naming each activity and its attachments properly as well. This ensures that our agency is running top-notch and allows for us to be extremely organized.  

As an executive assistant, there is plenty of variety in my day-to-day as well as enough consistency for me to understand my role. I’m here to assist in whatever facet Worthy needs at that moment. I always make time for a snack or two as well as some laughs with my coworkers throughout the day, and before I know it 5 o’clock comes and it is time to go home. And yes, you best believe I hurry home to see my pup. 

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