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Avoid Blacking Out on Black Friday

Black friday shopping safety tips

Everyone has that aunt who takes Black Friday to the next level. She lays out maps of every store, where the things she wants are, and has a time schedule of how long you get to spend in each store and where you’re going next. It’s like a full-time job for her. If you’re lucky, your aunt peacefully gets upset if she doesn’t get something and goes about her morning. But if you’re unlucky, your aunt is throwing elbows with the 80-year-old grandma over the barely discounted Magnolia fuzzy blanket.

If you’re like me, the discounts on Black Friday are not what you look forward to. We look forward to all the YouTube videos that are about to surface of ridiculous fights over items. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me show you.

While these fights can be extremely entertaining, it’s not so entertaining to be thrown in the middle of one while out shopping. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting hit so hard you blackout on Black Friday.


I don’t understand why people would want to go out Black Friday shopping in the middle of a pandemic to begin with. If you do, wear your mask. The safer option, in both regards to COVID-19 and not getting a black eye, is to online shop. Most stores usually have the same deals online during Black Friday and on Cyber Monday.

#2: Be patient.

Patience is a virtue not many people have. Practice patience on Black Friday. You know going out on Black Friday there are going to be lines, especially with reduced capacity, so be patient and wait. Your $8.50 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works will still be there.

#3: Go later in the day

Wait until the crowds are gone. Sleep in. You’ll be tired from stuffing your face all day during Thanksgiving anyways. Once the initial crowds die down, stores usually bring out stuff from the back to replenish the shelves.

#4: Don’t carry large amounts of cash

People are crazy and theft is high around Black Friday. Don’t keep large amounts of cash on you. If the wrong person sees you pulling out your huge hunk of cash, they may try to rob you, and it could get violent. If carrying a purse, have one that goes across your body, so it is harder to rip away from you.

#5: Keep shopping bags in the trunk and under blankets

Going along with #4, cars also get broken into during Black Friday. Keep them hiding from sight when they’re in your car. It is less likely to be broken into if they cannot see what’s in it.

Black Friday is crazy, and I cannot imagine what it’s going to be like during a pandemic. Stay safe from bodily injuries and Coronavirus and shop online this year. If you absolutely must get your shopping fix, follow these safety tips this Black Friday.


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