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Homeowners Insurance Credits/Discounts

Insurance Discounts Available

Why pay more for your insurance when you don’t have to. Most insurance carriers offer credits to lower your insurance premium if you use best practices to reduce your risk for a claim. Below is a list of generally used credits that may be available to you. Make sure you’re reviewing your policy with your insurance broker to receive all eligible credits to save you money.   


Guard Gated Community  

Having a security team protecting your community can be a credit for most insurance policies.  


External Perimeter Gate  

A gate on your personal property providing security from potential threats. 


New Home Construction   

A credit is available to any new home buyers purchasing a New Home Construction.  


Mortgage Free

If you don’t have a newly purchased home you can obtain an insurance credit by having your home is paid off. 


Central Reporting Burglar Alarm  

Burglar alarms that not only inform you of a potential break-in but a system that reports the occurrence too. 


External Perimeter Security Protection  

An External Perimeter Security Protection commonly assists a Central Reporting Burglar Alarm. 


Central Reporting Fire Alarm  

Similar to Central Reporting Burglar Alarms where they’re reporting to a third party, but for Potential Fires within the home. 


Residential Sprinkler System  

A Residential sprinkler system inside the home protecting your home from fires, even when you’re not home.  


Sprinkler System with Water Flow Alarm  

Commonly included in a Residential Sprinkler System, a Sprinkler System with a Water Flow Alarm is another optional credit.  


Water Leak Detection System with Master Shut Off  

A Water Leak Detection System with Master Shut Off helps detect unexpected water leaks within the home. A very beneficial option for 2nd homes or when on vacation. 


Gas Leak Detector  

A detection system to alert you and/or a third party about a gas leakAnother beneficial option for 2nd homes or when on vacation. 


Low-Temperature Monitoring Device  

A Low-Temperature Monitoring Device detects unusual indoor conditions within the home. Another beneficial option for 2nd homes or when on vacation. 


Lightning Protection System  

If you value your personal safety and your electronics, a Lightning Protection System is a great way to protect both.  


Permanently Installed Generator  

Generators incorporated in the home’s electrical system can be turned on manually, or automatically triggered to run in case an outage occurs. 


Full-Time Live-In Caretaker  

A groundskeeper that lives and continuously maintains your outdoor landscape 


24 Hour Signal Continuity Protection  

Having 24 Hour Signal Continuity Protection ensures you don’t lose internet connection for security/smart home devices during an outage. 


Jewelry and Art Companion 

Having a Jewelry and Art Companion and a scheduled collections policy with the same carrier can give you a credit towards your insurance rates. 


Auto Companion  

An auto policy with the same carrier 


Excess Companion  

A Personal Excess Liability Policy with the same carrier 



If you don’t have any past insurance claims, you get a credit! 


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