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How Are You Protecting Your Family?

By August 26, 2021September 2nd, 2021Insurance

What makes those 60-hour work weeks worth it?

Mondays are the worst. You stop to get coffee on your way to the office, and they mess up your order. Your coworker Janet will not stop going on about her hiking trip over the weekend, knowing you spent Saturday at the office trying to catch up from a hectic week. Your email is bombarded with spam requests trying to sell you services and products that do not even fit your needs. Traffic is busy on the way home after a long day, and then you see that pesky notification from Waze as it adds an extra 15 minutes to your drive.  

What makes all of this worth it? Family. Whether it’s your spouse, kids, or even a pet, your family appreciates the work you do for them. Unless you have a teenager, in which case you may need to wait a few years to hear it. We sacrifice and do everything for them. With all the work you put into providing for your family, don’t you want to make sure it’s all protected?  

Protecting your assets  – I have a little quiz for you but don’t worry, it’s only three steps.

Step 1: Write down your estimate of all of your assets. Make sure to think of everything in your house, like furniture, clothes, art, jewelry, kitchenware, liquor collections. You’ll also want to add in your vehicles, toys like RVs and bikes, pool equipment, and yard and garden tools. Finally, add up all of your financial accounts like IRAs, 401ks, and brokerage accounts. Think you’re close? We’re about to find out.

Step 2: No one likes this step, because it’s going through and properly inventorying your items. Now I wouldn’t suggest Googling each T-shirt in your drawer to find the price, but you’ll want to get a clear idea of all the items you added together in step one. Have that number yet? Perfect, on to step 3.

Step 3:Let’s compare the numbers. More than likely, your estimate is lower than the actual value of your assets. Compare your actual value to your insurance policies to make sure you’re covered. Don’t know what you’re looking for? The Vero team is here to help.  

Who has your back?

Do you take your car to the shop when it needs new brakes? Yes, because we leave the work to the professionals. Now, if you’re like me, you like to try and save where you can. I used to buy TurboTax, manage my financial portfolio, and hop online to buy my auto and home insurance. All things that you can do yourself, but take time and experience to accomplish correctly. Here at Vero, we love to implement Personal Risk Management Teams. These teams combine your CPA, attorney, insurance broker, and financial advisor in one group to collaborate and ensure your family and your assets are protected. Don’t stress yourself out being the middleman for everyone. Let us take that burden off your shoulders.  

Those big headaches

I understand the pain of turning the corner and seeing your toddler making a disaster in the living room. The mess they can create in a matter of seconds when you grab something from the fridge, they are magicians. When their slime leaks from the table onto the new Persian rug you just bought, it can feel like an absolute tragedy. The big headaches are when we show up. Your basement floods, a storm causes hail damage to your roof, or worse, you are the victim of a house fire. These are the catastrophes that no homeowner wants to deal with. Our experienced risk management team, partnered with our premier insurance companies, are ready to jump in and get you taken care of.   

This sounds like it’s going to cost me a pretty penny…    

The truth is that the Vero team has come up with systems to evaluate what losses you can handle compared to the rise in premiums. Additionally, we found some creative ways to make sure you’re completely protected while keeping the cost down. So, you don’t need to worry about the premium hike. The goal for us is to make sure that you and your family are protected with the best service we can provide.  

Insurance is about taking care of the big headaches, so you can take care of the small and enjoyable ones with ease.  



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