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3 Times You Can’t Use a Mulligan

By August 26, 2021September 2nd, 2021Insurance


Something every avid golfer has either heard or yelled on a course. We have all been paired up with that one guy on a Sunday morning who is yelling it on every tee box. According to Golf Digest, “Each year, nearly 40,000 golfers are admitted to emergency rooms after being injured at play, most by errant golf balls and flying clubheads.”   Below are some tips on keeping yourself, others, and your golf equipment protected during your rounds.

Hitting a person on the golf course is a complicated case

In general, the United States courts found that one is not liable since there is an assumption of risk when a party steps on to the course. “[It] is well known that not every shot played by a golfer goes to the point where he intends it to go. If such were the case, every player would be perfect and the whole pleasure of the sport would be lost. It is common knowledge, at least among players, that many bad shots must result although every stroke is delivered with the best possible intention and without any negligence whatsoever.”Thompson v. McNeill, 53 Ohio St.3d 102, 559 N.E.2d 705 (1990)   

TIP: If you hit an errant shot, make sure to call out ”fore” as a warning to anyone in the area. Be sure to provide adequate distance between players ahead of you, and wait for them to exit the green on par 3’s before swinging away.  

Hitting someone off the course 

This occurred in 2005 at Saint Andrew Golf and Country Club in Illinois. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, a golfer was playing the course when he sliced a shot and hit a woman standing in her backyard. In this instance, the case was dismissed and the golfer wasn’t charged. Of course, these instances are viewed on a case-by-case basis, and playing with proper etiquette is the best approach.

TIP: If you’re on a hole where there is a chance you could hit someone, provide time for them to move and give warning before you hit.  

Theft of golf clubs

An unfortunate moment for any unlucky golfer. You may be thinking you have coverage for stolen property under your homeowners policy, which you are most likely correct. The only problem is your policy deductible will need to be paid prior to the insurance kicking in. Say your limit on your policy is $2,500, your clubs cost $1,300, and your deductible is $1,000. You would pay $1,000 for your deductible, then the insurance company would pay only the remaining $300. Scheduling your valuable items like golf clubs provides additional coverage with minimal or no deductible.  

TIP: Make sure to get all valuable equipment scheduled onto your policy, and provide receipts to your insurance agent. Always bring your equipment in from your car at night, and never leave them unattended while on the course.  


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