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Services we can help families find

Last year, I was sitting in my kitchen when I heard water rushing down below me… My basement was unfinished with just a washer and dryer down there, which I knew were not on.  The basement was filled with cobwebs and who knows what else, so I wouldn’t say I liked to spend much time down there.  I had to inspect where this water noise was coming from.  When I got down to the basement, there was nothing evident right away, except for the noise of what sounded like rain.  I had to turn on my flashlight and go into the back room where I found the source, a pipe that had burst open and was now spraying water all over my basement.  Quickly calling my landlord, he said someone would come out to fix it eventually.  When was eventually?  My water bill would be crazy high, and the water would ruin the basement if someone were not here quickly.  I started researching companies and had multiple come out to look at the burst pipe, but nobody was doing anything to fix it.  In the end, I had a water bill that was over $200 and still a broken pipe.   

Whether one of my drains is clogged, I have a water leak in the house, or my dishwasher breaks down, I always have difficulty finding a reliable company to fix it.  Sometimes I think I am better off attempting to fix it myself from a YouTube video.  Fortunately, Vero can help our clients find the services they need for a magnitude of problems.  From Cyber Security to Wildfire Mitigation, Vero is here to help you.   

Problems we can help you find the solution for:  

  • Cyber Advice  
  • Generator Purchases and Installation  
  • Home Safe Installation  
  • Home Safety Devices and Security Assessments  
  • Elevation Certifications 
  • Sump Pump Installation  
  • Identity Theft Protection  
  • Hurricane and Emergency Preparation  
  • Water Shut-Off Valve Installation  
  • Arborist Evaluation  
  • Watercraft Protection  
  • Seismic Gas Shut-Off Valve Installation  
  • Personal Employee Background Checks  
  • Lightning Suppression System  
  • Contents Inventories  
  • Wildfire Mitigation  
  • Fine Art Valuations and Preservation  
  • Home Maintenance 

Next time you think you can become Bob the Builder, give Vero a call so we can connect you with a trained professional to solve your issues.


Interested in learning more? Please email us at or call 773-945-9000.

Vero Insurance is a niche broker with a focus on providing insurance placement and risk management services to high-income families. Here at Vero, we love to provide you with exciting and fun articles to learn more about insurance and how it impacts your life. Visit our other blogs to find more information.

While Vero does offer a wide variety of personal insurance coverages, our main coverages include: personal umbrella insuranceauto insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.