A Day in the Life as the Director of HR

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Let’s be reala day in the life of a director of human resources sounds pretty boring. I can attest to it being eventful and riveting, with never knowing what is being tossed my way from day to day. Today started with wrangling two kids to get ready for school. Backpacks, folders, water bottles, and masks in tow, I outmaneuvered the dropoff line to get them to school (almost) on time. Now off to work, I go. By the time I sit down at my desk, I already feel like I slayed the day. But, oh wait! My (real) workday is just beginning. Human Resource responsibilities must be done with care and concentration and it is important that I start the day with a positive mindset and an organized plan of attack.  

The first mission of the day is to process Payroll. Its my job to ensure that our employees time punches are complete, all applicable vacation and sick time are accounted for, and needed reimbursements have been applied. I take this part of the job very seriously as I know how important it is for folks to receive accurate paychecks.  

Up next is Benefits. Im currently working on a comprehensive census spreadsheet that I need to submit for our Medical, Dental, and Vision renewal. This is a bit tedious, so I am working on part now and will continue to do it for at least an hour a day this week until it is complete.  

Time for a phone interview. As a growing organization, I do a lot of interviewing. In fact, we have hired ten new people over the past year. This equates to a lot of resume reading and interviewing prepping. Today on my agenda is a phone interview for a position we need to fill in the next couple of weeks. 

just received confirmation from our FSA administrator that we will be able to adjust our plan according to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA). This is good news for our employees as they will be able to use carryover funds from 2020 and will allow for mid-year changes to be made through 2021. Covid has increased the need for HR professionals to be flexible and aware of any federal and state legislative changes that can impact our employees. I am preparing these documents to send to those that are enrolled in our FSA program.  

2 pm is study hour. We started a study group to encourage our employees to take time out of their workdays for continuing education. Some employees are studying for designations, licenses or taking webinars from the IJA to stay current on industry knowledge and trends. My studying recently centered around the SHRM-CP exam, which I took at the beginning of the month. Now that that is over, I can concentrate on helping our employees navigate their internal Career Paths or sign up for any external courses they need.  

Next up is a Teams meeting call. We use Microsoft Teams to communicate internally. This medium works very well for us, and we were fortunate to have implemented the platform before quarantine last year. Our office is working on a hybrid scheduling system, and TEAMS enables us to continue business as usual through screen-sharing training platforms and organized department channels.  

Wrapping up the day, leaving a To-Do list, and reminding myself to trade in my snow boots for heels tomorrow for the three in-person interviews at the office. Heading downstairs to the gym (yes, we have a gym on-site!) to get in a quick workout before heading home to my second job, AKA mom 

I love my job, thanks for spending the day with me!


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