Baby Proofing

Make sure your house is baby proof to reduce hospital visits

2020 has finally ended! (Thank goodness!) 2021 is off to a hopeful start with the FDA approving two vaccines for COVID-19, but most of us are living somewhere between total lockdown and the old normal. Quarantining and social distancing are still a priority, and we all are continuing to spend more time than ever within the walls of our own homes.  

If you have little ones in your family, keeping your home entertaining while entirely safe for them can be challenging. Perhaps you spent time at the beginning of quarantine ensuring that your furniture is securely placed and anchored, recognizing that certain pieces may become appealing alternatives to jungle gyms, but now you havpurchased a new bedroom set complete with a new dresser. Add in all the toys received over the holidays and tiny pieces of holiday décor still spreading that last bit of cheer, and it might just be time to double-check the safety of your home for those little ones!  

We would recommend starting with those new additions to your home. When installing a new bedroom set, do not skip securing it. After all, every 24 minutes a child ends up in the emergency room due to tipping furniture. At this point, most of those toys have probably been opened and thoroughly played with, but if some toys are still making their way into playtime rotation always double-check the age recommended by the manufacturerVacuuming will also help maintain the safety of your home as that trusty Dyson will easily clear your carpets of any tiny pieces from those new toys or the holiday décor you are starting to put away.  

Perhaps the new addition has not arrived yet, and you are still waiting on your little one’s arrival. If that is the case, we have even more tips available for you. Keeping you and yours safe is always a priority at Vero, and do not hesitate to reach out to discuss how to ensure you and your little ones are as safe as can be in your home! 


For room-specific baby proofing, check out the link below!

Babyproofing checklist


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