National Women’s Checkup Day  

Women's Health Checkup

As a woman, I often find myself putting the needs of others before my own.  Whether it’s my significant other, my friends, parents, siblings, or my dog (in some peoples’ case, their children), I rarely make time for myself.  This includes making time for my health.  May 10 – 16 is National Women’s Health Week, which encourages women to check in with their doctors.  Whether it is a breast exam, figuring out what medical tests are suitable for you, an overall checkup, or just having a conversation, make time for yourself this week to speak with your doctor regarding your health!  

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has now given women access to 22 different prevention services required to be covered without a copay.  This includes annual checkups, cancer screenings, and more. These tests aren’t just for making sure you’re healthy now, but that you stay healthy in the future.  

There are many tests, screenings, and checkups that should be administered once a year, but why wait to go to the doctor to make sure you’re healthy?  Every month women should perform self-examinations that include both a breast exam and a skin exam.   


Other ways to celebrate:  

  • Online exercise video  
  • Family playtime – tag, hide and seek, obstacle course 
  • Chores around the house or yardwork  
  • Make a homemade meal together  
  • Prioritize your mental health 
  • Be smoke-free!   
  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night  

The second Monday of each May is National Women’s Health Day. For more information, please visit

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