Outdoor Exercise Tips

Outdoor Exercise Tips

I don’t know about you, but once the weather starts getting warmer, I will do almost anything outside if I can.  Whether it’s work on my laptop, drinking my morning cup of coffee, or laying in my hammock looking at the stars at night, you can find me outside if the weather is nice.  After being locked inside during the winter months, especially with COVID, it iso refreshing to be outside again.  Gyms are crowded throughout the winter months, especially when the new year hits, and it can feel stuffy and gross.  Outdoor exercise is an excellent alternative to throwing yourself in a hot, germ-infested gym; just take precautions when getting back into the swing of exercising outdoors.   

Give your body time to adjust.  Your body is not used to the heat yet.  Don’t give 110% to your workouts in the first few weeks of exercising outdoors.  Your body will go into overdrive and could cause severe dehydration, fatigue, and even heat stroke.   

Watch for signs.  When exercising outdoors, it’s essential to watch for these signs that tell you to stop exercising.  

  • Excessive or irregular heart rate  
  • Chest pain  
  • Shortness of breath  
  • Lightheaded  
  • Cramps  

Protect your skin.  While it may not feel too hot outside, wearing sunscreen will help protect your skin.  Make sure it’s waterproof and at least SPF 15 to the exposed areas of your body. 

Take care of your body.  Whether you’re working out outside or inside, drinking plenty of water is key to keeping your body fueled and hydrated while breaking a sweat.  In addition to hydrating, stretching before and after a workout can help prevent injuries and increase flexibility.  


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