Outdoor Heater Safety

Outdoor Heater Safety

Many people, myself included, enjoy a nice evening out on the porch watching the sunset, looking up at the stars, or sitting around a fire.  With COVID, many things have moved outside, including dining with restaurants.  While it’s more practical to hang out outdoors in the warmer states, the states full of snow are struggling to see it as an enjoyable event.  That’s where outdoor heaters come into play and warm up the evenings!  Having an outdoor heater at your home so your family and your guests are more comfortable, is a great idea.  Just make sure you are taking the proper precautions when setting one outside.  

Place your heater in a safe location. 

While you want the heaters close enough where you can feel the heat, you don’t want them too close as someone could be injured.  Your heaters should be placed far enough away from furniture, people, plants, and anything flammable.  If your heater is ran by propane or fuel, it’s important to make sure it is in an area with good airflow to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.  

Secure your heater.  

Being crushed by an outdoor heater shouldn’t be on anyone’s agenda.  Secure your heaters so they do not topple over onto furniture or people.  Many heaters now come with anti-tilt devices or mechanisms, but it’s a good idea to take extra precautions and secure them with a weight such as heat-resistant sandbags or water weights, or flame-resistant cords.  

Know your local laws and fire bans.  

There may be certain bylaws where you’re located that restrict certain types/models of outdoor heaters, fire pits, or fireplaces.  Check your bylaws and local fire bans revolving around weather or if your city is at risk of wildfires before investing in an outdoor heater/fire element.  

Always follow the instructions. 

Every heat source such as a fire pit or heater works differently.  Whether it is maintenance or just running it, make sure to follow the instructions every single time.  Even if you’ve had an outdoor heater before, it may be different than the next one.  


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