Pool Safety Tips for the whole gang (2021)

Pool safety tips

It’s finally time to be outside and enjoy what summer has to offer. Going to the beach, grilling in the backyard, and enjoying some much-needed time by the pool. It’s been figuratively laughing at you these past few months, and it’s time to get it up and running again. After you’ve taken action on the proper chemical adjustments and cleaning duties, your pool is glorious once again. You can now start to enjoy yourself with some peace and quiet. Well, until the kids or Uncle Steve decide to join you.


Before the kids jump in, have a quick conversation with them about pool safety. Not only the kids, but Uncle Steve might need a reminder after he’s had one too many Mojitos and decides it’s time for a cannonball in the shallow end.


We compiled a few pool safety tips on how you can help your little ones stay safe this summer, along with a few more that will help everyone around the pool.


Tips for kids and parents

  • “No running by the pool,” I think we’ve all heard that one before
  • Only allow swimming when an adult can supervise
  • Make sure your kids are always in your sight
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Resist or advise against pushing or pulling anyone into the pool
  • Establish a buddy system
  • Advise kids to stay away from areas of the pool that cause suction, like drains and filters
  • Remove unused toys from the pool


Tips for everyone

  • Never use glass around the pool. – Steve and his Mojitos
  • Take a swimming lesson if you’re not 100% confident in your abilities
  • Know the depth of the pool
  • Learn CPR
  • Never go swimming during a storm, or if you know a storm is coming
  • Don’t drink alcohol while you’re swimming
  • Keep all electrical items at a safe distance from the pool


Tips for pool owners

  • Make sure you have a fence or barrier at least 4 ft tall around your pool
  • Install gate alarms, so you know when people are near your pool
  • Make sure your drains are properly covered
  • Keep your chemicals at the proper levels
  • Make sure your pool cover is free of rips and tears
  • Have a first aid kit near your pool
  • Have your phone nearby in case you need emergency help


We hope you will take these recommendations and use them to everyone’s advantage. Enjoy your pool this summer and avoid any potential accidents while doing so.


What’s one tip you would have mentioned that we may have missed?



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