Self-Driving Car Safety

Self-Driving Car Safety

We always thought one day the future of technology would consume the entire world, robots would be serving us, and nobody would ever have to drive, work, or even feed ourselves.  While it is portrayed in movies on a much higher scale, self-driving cars, also known as autonomous cars, are not just a thing of the future but are starting to happen now.  It may seem exhilarating and inventive, but we cant leave self-driving cars to do all the work.  So, let’s look at different safety measures that should be taken while inside a self-driving car.  

  • Always be paying attention.  
    • Some people have taken self-driving cars to a new level.  They feel as though since it is already driving themselves, they can take a nap, read, or watch TV.  Now I don’t know about you, but never would I be safe enough in a self-driving vehicle where I feel like I could take a nap.  I don’t even take a nap when certain friends are driving the car.  If you are inside a self-driving vehicle, especially the driver’s seat, you need to always be paying attention to the road and its surroundings.   
  • Don’t send it out on its own. 
    • There has been a multitude of tests and trials done on self-driving cars.  While it is in the works to have self-driving cars with Uber and Google, a halt was put as a pedestrian was hit and killed by a self-driving car.  This was the first autonomous vehicle crash into a pedestrian while there have been countless amounts of crashes into pedestrians by person drivers.  This brings into question who is to blame for the incident and if it could have been prevented had there been a human driver.  
  • Be responsible.  
    • Whether you are on the road driving or sitting in an autonomous vehicle, be responsible.  Pay attention to the road and its surroundings and limit distractions inside of the car.  


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