What is Special Event Insurance?

Special Event Insurance

Special Event Coverage 


If you’re planning a wedding this summer and don’t know what special event insurance is, you’re not alone. Many people don’t think of event insurance when planning their wedding. So instead of figuring it out on your own, we’re here to give you insight on why special event insurance coverage can, in ways, save your event.  

Everyone would love to think that things will go according to plan on their wedding day. No one will be late, and the flowers are there, the wedding photographer is on time. Hopefully, your wedding goes as perfectly as expected. But things don’t always go to plan like we hope they will. Imagine your wedding getting delayed or canceled by an unexpected life event. Your officiant gets rushed to the hospital a few days before the wedding. Your catering service cancels on you a few days before, and you must pay for a different service. Or Uncle Billy slips and falls trying to do the Renegade after seeing it on TikTok. The right special event coverage can give you that peace of mind you need on your big day.  


Event Cancellation Coverage: 

Event Cancellation Coverage may help you get your deposit back from the caterer that canceled on you. If your wedding is at a venue and an unexpected situation cancels your reservation. Event cancellation coverage can provide you with peace of mind knowing you’re covered. You may be able to reschedule your wedding with little to nothing out of pocket. If you cannot reschedule, you may get your investment back to put towards another venue. Without event cancellation insurance, you may not get your deposit back from the venue or the catering service.  


Event Liability Coverage: 

Event Liability Coverage can be very beneficial if one of your guests gets injured. Someone else gets hurt because of your guest. Or one of your guests damages something at the venue. Event Liability Coverage may be the reason you’re free of unexpected charges after your wedding is over.  

Special event insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for a dedicated insurance broker to help you through the process? Vero Insurance is here to keep the “I do” from turning into an “oh no.” 


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