What is the difference between a combined single limit and a split limit policy?

Combined single limit versus

Whether the roads are getting icy around you or you live somewhere with reckless drivers, the start of the new year is a great time to look at your auto insurance policies.  Making sure you are covered in case of an accident or vandalism is important if you don’t want to pay a huge chunk of money out of pocket.  One of the main policies within auto insurance that most people do not understand is the difference between a Combined Single Limit and a Split Limit.  

Combined Single Limit  

A Combined Single Limit provides one amount of coverage to use as needed for the expenses resulting from an accident. This is one single amount that can be used for either bodily injury to yourself or property damage to the car.  Any damage to one’s body or their car that exceeds the limit on a Combined Single Limit policy is paid out of pocket by the insured.  

Split Limit  

A Split Limit divides the pool of coverage into three separate categories.  Each of these separate categories have their own limit as to how much coverage there is per category.  The three categories are bodily injury per person per accident, total bodily injury coverage per accident, and property damage to the cars in one accident.  If the amount exceeds in a category, the remaining is to be paid out of pocket by the insured.   


Overall, the main differences are that a Combined Single Limit gives you one amount of coverage for the entire accident, whereas a Split Limit puts limitations and caps on each category.  No one policy is better than the other in this instance as they both have different benefits than the other.   


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