Enjoy our full concierge insurance experience

At Vero, we pride ourselves on creating a one of a kind experience that will leave you feeling secure and fully protected. Taking what can be a complex route to create your portfolio, we guide you through every step, offering advice and using simplified terms to help you understand your insurance. Want to learn more about our unique process? Give us a call today.

Risk Management

At Vero, we understand that your lifestyle creates unique risks. Our risk management team will thoroughly evaluate your current situation to ensure you are properly covered.

Our risk management department uses the most up-to-date insurance tools that enable:

  • Providing creative loss control recommendations
  • Using current analytics to calculate coverage needs
  • Overseeing claims management

Claims Management

When you need help, we’re there to provide it. With an experienced claim staff, Vero is able to provide a smooth transition throughout the claims process.

If you experience a loss, Vero’s claims management team will:

  • Upon being advised of a claim, reach out to the carrier on your behalf to report the claim
  • Follow up when necessary to ensure the carrier is providing you with high-quality, expedient service
  • Complete a final evaluation of the claims process and provide the carrier with information on how to improve their process

Secured Client Portal

While we pride ourselves on service and we enjoy helping with all your insurance needs, we also understand that some people enjoy having access to their accounts and policies at their fingertips.

We will help you get set up with your personal client portal which gives you access to:

  • Coverage information 
  • Updated billing
  • Review delivery options
  • Ability to make policy changes