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Do you deep-fry or roast your turkey?

Thanksgiving is this week, and we want to know, do you roast or deep fry your turkey? If you’re like my uncle, you make both. He has one in the oven in the kitchen and one in a deep fryer out in the garage making all sorts of noise. Every time you go out to the fridge in the garage to get another drink, you see the turkey frying in the deep fryer, which sits on the floor. We call it the floor turkey. “How’s the floor turkey coming out there?” is a common question heard throughout the house all Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is all about celebration and bringing families and loved ones together. You should also note that the togetherness should be done happily and not mourning the loss of a house or an arm and a leg from the turkey going all wrong. That’s why we’ve accumulated safety tips to follow to help bring only happy memories this year. Although bringing up the time your cousin spilled over the entire cranberry sauce all over the floor, and the dog is a funny memory too.

– Keep the deep-fried turkey away from the house.

Apparently, Uncle Bob needs to change his garage floor turkey to a driveway turkey. Deep frying your turkey should be at least 10 feet away from your house, cooked on a flat surface. It should also be noted that the flat surface should not be in the grass as it could catch on fire. It should be on a concrete or gravel surface.

– Be prepared.

In case the deep-fried turkey has a mind of its own and wants to be cooked “extra crispy” by catching on fire, have a fire extinguisher ready. You never want to put a grease fire out with water as it adds more to the flame and can cause an explosion.

– Don’t cross-contaminate.

This goes with cooking any type of raw meat, not just turkey on Thanksgiving. When roasting or deep-frying your turkey this holiday, make sure to wash any used space and not to touch any other food while you have raw turkey juices on your hands. This can spread to them and cause you and your family to become sick. This is also an excellent time to mention you should be cooking your turkey’s internal temperature to 165°, so you are not serving raw meat.

Deep-frying or roasting your turkey are two great ways to prepare it for Thanksgiving. Just be safe while doing it. Not a fan of turkey? Well then, I guess you don’t have to worry about making sure your house doesn’t blow up…which reminds me to call Uncle Bob and let him know we need to change the garage floor turkey into a driveway turkey.


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