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Why You Should Double Check Email Addresses

By August 31, 2021September 2nd, 2021Insurance
One letter difference email address

Email Safety in 2021


Life gets busy, work gets busy, leaving you with a busy mind that can’t see everything. From the little ones stealing a snack to your spouse doing the same while you’re preparing dinner. Now, these minor incidences can be unseen with little to no risk at home. But at work, these minor slip-ups can be a significant risk when it comes to email safety.


Over the past few years, the reality of cyber risks has become more and more prevalent. From 2016 the Ic3 had a total of 1.5billion in recorded losses from cyber attacks. In 2020 that number blew up to a staggering 4.2 billion in recorded losses. (see figures on Ic3’s website) The need to stay diligent when it comes to your email is very serious. Individuals who need to pay the most attention are usually the busiest individuals within the company. I’m referring to the high executives and people within the financial areas of a business. These are the decision-makers and the ones who have access to the most crucial information on the company’s finances and business practices. 


Make sure you’re doing your part to stay diligent against these types of attacks. With your boss or coworkers messaging you multiple times a day, it’s easy to assume they are the one who is contacting you. If your coworker’s email is, pay attention to details. A hacker will often change something as small as one letter in hopes you won’t notice. isn’t very distinguishable compared to Did you have to read that again to make sure it was different? These types of emails can be a regular occurrence in some industries. It’s the little things that hackers are hoping you’ll miss when looking at an email. So, the next time you get an email from Jane about an adorable e-card you should check out, or a puppy that needs a good home. Double-check the email address before clicking the link.  


Hackers are getting sneaky with their approaches. They’re hoping to tap into your busy life and, most of all, your busy mind. For the next couple of weeks, make it a habit to check emails even when it seems like it’s coming from a coworker. Making this a habit will protect you from putting the entire company at potential risk for a ransomware attack. 


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