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FALL-ing Safely: Rake and Bake Edition

By October 4, 2022Insurance

Fall is here! The air is a bit crisper. Trees are transitioning their leaves. The days are getting shorter. And for all of the homeowners, your chore-list just got a bit longer. It now includes some raking and, for a few others, more baking! 

Rake, Rake, and Rake Some More 

Once the leaves start falling, be sure not to dilly-dally in your clean-up. Fallen leaves on your sidewalks and driveways pose quite the peril for anyone walking. (Your postal service and yourself alike.) 

Children – and some adults too – will love raking up the leaves for the piles they can create! Be sure to supervise any leaf-pile-jumping though. Best to keep the piles on even surfaces, and maintain certain depths for jumping.  

You’ll also want to get the ladder out and check your gutters for leaves too. If you do this every time you rake, preparing for the next season change will be a bit easier! When using a ladder, it is important to wear the proper footwear. Closed-toe shoes with no-slip bottoms are a must. (Save the heels and sandals for different occasions!) 

Baking Apple Pies, Pumpkin Breads, and SPOOKY Cookies 

For some, the cooler October air awakens the baker in you. For others, it’s the three bushels of apples needing to be used after a day of orchard-picking fun. Here are a few tips not to forget when baking this fall… 

  • Cross contamination is fun for no one. Wash your hands. Clean the counters. Keep bowls separate as needed! Wash the fresh fruit you’ll be including! 
  • That dishtowel is no substitute for an oven mitt. Use the cute AND necessary oven mitts from Home Goods. Your fingers will appreciate the insulation. 
  • If you’ve recruited the help of some younger ones, be sure they are not handling any chopping or peeling of apples without supervision. (Keep a first-aid kit handy!) 
  • Always make sure you turn your oven off! That bread may need to bake for an hour, but after those 60 minutes the oven no longer needs to stay on.  

Raking and baking are Autumnal staples, but there are a few risks. We want everyone to enjoy the season and to enjoy the season safely! Afterall, we’ve always got your best interests at heart.  


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