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Six Tailgating Season Safety Tips

Whether you’re cheering on your hometown’s team or visiting a campus for family weekend, tis the season of tailgates! Tailgates are known to be great fun, but we’d like to ensure you enjoy the shenanigans without any unnecessary ruckus.  

1. Stellar Sanitation 

Nothing ruins a good time faster than food poisoning. Be careful to prevent cross contamination by… 

    • Washing your hands (before AND after) handling raw meat 
    • Using paper towels and NOT dishtowels 
    • Bring plenty of paper plates to avoid any accidental raw-cooked overlap 
    • Stock a cooler with just ice! (Keep that meat cool.) 
    • Keep beverages in their own designated cooler (Those mountains should be blue and not covered in goo.) 

2. Good Grillin’ 

    • Bring an instant-read food thermometer to ensure nothing is undercooked! (We really want you to avoid food poisoning.) 
    • A fire-extinguisher is always a safe bet, and it will come in handy no matter how seasoned your grill master is 

3. When in doubt, toss it out! 

We all hate wasting food, but if you’re unsure just how long those hot dogs have been off the grill – TOSS ‘EM. You also made sure to bring plenty of paper plates and paper towels so if something is questionable, don’t risk it. (But – of course – utilize recycling when you can! Or any four-legged friends with tougher stomachs.) 

4. Designate a Driver 

Whenever attending a booze heavy event, designate a driver! Make sure to include non-alcoholic beverages for your DD, and also give ‘em first pick when food is ready. (It’s pretty unlikely you’ll be Ubering or Lyfting to a tailgate.) 

5. Stragglers Don’t Get Left Behind 

Stick together! Tailgating crowds get rowdy, and nobody needs to end up alone. Utilize a buddy system within your group. Maybe even invest in a child-leash for the friends you know will wander. (SAFETY FIRST.) 

6. First-Aid Kits are Necessary 

Accidents happen. When you have intoxicated individuals getting hyped for their favorite teams around grills, the risks are high. Be prepared by making sure you always have a first-aid kit (fully stocked) with you! A band-aid, an ice-pack, or a pair of tweezers might be exactly how someone makes it through the tailgate to enjoy the game within the stadium! 

Cheers to Tailgating Season! Keep it safe! And here’s hoping your team takes the W!


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