5 things to avoid doing with an insurance claim. 

Claims mistakes with creative risk management

There are countless claims mistakes that happen every single day. Unfortunately, it can be hard to catch these mistakes when filing your claims. There are easy ways to avoid these mistakes if you carefully take the time to file your claim. Here are 5 things to avoid doing when filing your insurance claims.

1) Poor documentation of the incident.

When filing an insurance claim, it is important to have good documentation. This includes what exactly happened during the incident, the people involved, and so forth. If the documentation is poorly written, the claim may not be covered, or you may have a weaker defense.

2) Not contacting your insurance agent immediately.

When an incident occurs, it is important to contact your insurance agent as soon as practicably possible. Even if you do not have all the documentation ready yet, contact your agent to let them know a claim will be coming in. They can let you know what specific documentation they need, saving you time.

3) Filing a claim when you shouldn’t.

It’s important to know what constitutes as a claim. This is another reason important to contact your agent as soon as an incident occurs as they will be able to give you advice on where they believe coverage may be found. Filing claims that should not be filed can lead to a higher premium and a waste of your time as well as your agents.

4) Not being completely honest with the claims adjuster.

Once a claim is filed, it is very important to be honest in your communication with a claims adjuster. They can give you the best advice about next steps, and if you are in a position where a claim needs to be defended in court, they are the person who will work with yourself and attorneys to provide your best defense. They are unable to do so if you are misleading them or omitting important information.

5) Failing to review your insurance policies.

You should review your insurance policies before a claim occurs, to make sure you are covered for the specific incidents you may need to file a claim for. If not, you should talk to your insurance agent to see if this coverage is available to add on to your policy.

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