A Day in the Life as the VP of Sales

Jon Coy Insurance Broker

Within the first 30 minutes of my day, I am already selling. The first clients of my day require a perfectly executed sales pitch, which I have to change up almost daily. My daughters, 2-year-old and 3-year-old can be quite difficult when it comes to selling them on everything from getting them out of bed, to out the door. Who needs coffee when you start every morning playing an attorney pleading your case to toddlers? Me... I still need coffee. 

After the kids are at daycare, I go through my to-do list of any projects and tasks that are on my agenda for the day. By prioritizing and scheduling out my day, I keep myself organized and make sure anything that needs to be addressed right away is handled.  

Part of my day is spent working closely with our marketing team to help put out entertaining and resourceful content. We understand how important it is to have an online presence, and very few people find insurance interesting. Most have it because it is required, and that is about the extent of their knowledge. Therefore, we have been working diligently to spread knowledge and fun facts on insurance and other resources that are helpful to the families in our community. It also means that those late nights spent on TikTok can be defined as “research.” 

Once I have a handle on all the urgent tasks for the day, I always like to connect with a few clients. This is by far my favorite part of the dayThe opportunity to build relationships and share in the enjoyment of the biggest moments in their lives is amazing. assist with anything from helping them get the proper coverage for their new lake house to arranging an appraisal for their Golden Anniversary gifts or telling them how much their auto insurance is going to go up now that Timmy is celebrating his 16th birthday. Not to worry, we have some strategies, so Timmy’s insurance doesn’t break the bank. This leads me to the next item on my agenda, policy reviews. 

Whether it is a current client or a prospective one, policy reviews are extremely important. By going through current coverages, we can make sure everything is properly insured. When you remodel your kitchen with all new appliances and materials, you probably don’t think to jump on a call with your insurance broker. This is a common mistake since you need to recalculate the replacement cost of your home since it has increased in value. For prospective clients, getting a chance to look over current policies and find areas that they are over and underinsured will help build a custom insurance portfolio. Many people that join as clients don’t have personal umbrella policies, simply because they were never asked or told why it is important to have them. No one thinks they will be sued for millions of dollars and hope it’s covered on their insurance claim, but McDonald’s was sued for serving hot coffee. 

Speaking of claims, we’ve had a pretty crazy winter with what felt like the entire season of snow coming over only a few weeks. It’s been a busy month working hand in hand with our claims team to help our clients through some of their most stressful moments. The long hours and constant communication with insurance adjusters are worth it when we get to tell our clients everything is ok because they have coverage. 

Wrapping up my day, I always like to check in with my team and see how everyone is doing. Checking off any last-minute tasks and seeing if we can help each other with different projects. Many times getting sidetracked with banter and having a few laughs before going home to see our families. 


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