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Frontline Underwriting is essential for any insurance policy relating to your property or home. There are many ways you can help lower your premium before your inspection. The Vero team will come out to your property and perform an inspection prior to sending it to the underwriter. By doing the inspection, it helps us determine which carrier will have the best appetite. Here are a few things we look for when performing our Frontline Underwriting.

We look at both the interior and the exterior of the home/property.

1) Exterior

a. Roof – Check for loss or damaged shingles. Also remove branches or debris.

b. Gutters – Inspect gutters to make sure they are clear of leaves and branches.

c. Trees – Check for branches or dying trees on both yours and you neighbor’s property.

d. Grounds – Is there proper lighting to deter criminals? Are there bushes or trees that hide the line of sight to windows, making it easier for a potential break in?

e. Deck/Porches – Check for loose or damaged deck boards and railings.

2) Interior

a. Fire/Smoke Detectors – Inspect them to make sure they are operational and properly installed.

b. Security System – Are all motion/noise sensors operational and located in high risk areas? Is there a sign/sticker outside the home to deter criminals?

c. Plumbing – Inspect water heater, sump pump and other plumbing for potential leaks. Review opportunity for detection system for additional discounts.

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