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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Cheri Williams-Franklin, the Founder CEO of Life Snapshot.  Life Snapshot is a digital storage vault that helps families organize and securely store personal assets, final wishes, and critical documents so their loved ones can easily access them while dealing with hospitalization or end-of-life.  Life Snapshot provides a unique experience to every member by fusing strong technology that is both desktop and mobile-friendly with human connection.  The Life Snapshot team performs proactive monthly wellbeing checks and if they have not heard back from a member within a certain timeframe, they reach out to their emergency contacts.  Support Specialists ensure that documents such as estate planning, trademark, copyright, and succession plans are shared with emergency contacts when appropriate.  The Life Snapshot platform eliminates frantic searching and missing information – offering complete peace of mind when families need it most.  

Speaking with Cheri and learning about Life Snapshot, we found this to be a great tool for individuals and families.  They have clients ranging from 22 years old all the way to 70+.  “Death does not discriminate based on Race, Age, Income, or Marital Status.  Estate planning is necessary for everyone.”  

When was the company founded?  

Life Snapshot was founded in January of 2017 and launched in 2019.  Life Snapshot is based out of Chicago but is a national platform that has started to make its way international. 

What is Cheri’s background?  

Cheri has an incredible 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and research development working for mid-to-large sized manufacturing companies.  She specializein product development  leading sales reps, designers, and project managers and taking products from concept to commercialization.   

What is the company culture like at Life Snapshot?  

Life Snapshot has a remote team of eight but has an office in Downtown Chicago.  Due to the pandemic and having employees all over the United States, Life Snapshot consistently uses different communication platforms to collaborate and connect with employees. They are all extremely hard-working individuals that make up one astonishing team.  

How can connect with  Life Snapshot?  

To learn more about Life Snapshot, visit their website at  You can also call 312-815-1707 to speak with a Support Specialist or send an email to 


Not entirely sold on Life Snapshot yet?  You can enjoy a FREE 14-Day Trial, risk-free.  Life Snapshot has a simple three-step process of selecting your asset categories, confirming your communication preferences, and identifying your designated contacts.  Protect your financial legacy and get started in under minutes! 

For more information on Life Snapshot, you can visit their website at  


Interested in learning more? Please email us at or call 773-945-9000.

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