The Big Game Recipes

Big Game Recipes

The Big Game is almost here, which also means it’s time to make some delicious food to enjoy during the game.  Whether it is sweet or savory that you prefer, there are recipes for everyone to enjoy during the Big Game – even for the kids!  

M&M cookies  

Dessert is a must-have during any sporting event.  Who doesn’t love dessert?  A great way to celebrate and cheer on your favorite team is to make M&M cookies and put in the M&M’s that are the color of the team you’re rooting for. 

Chips and dip

Even if it is store-bought, chips and dip are on everyone’s list.  Whether it is salsa, queso, guacamole, or spinach and artichoke dip, you are sure to satisfy others and even yourself.  Homemade guacamole is my favorite since it tastes so fresh!  

Pigs in a blanket  

Pigs in a blanket are a very traditional appetizer to have at many parties, especially “tailgates” for sporting events.  Simply take an uncooked crescent roll and roll a mini sausage into the roll and cook for about 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.  Dipping them in Dijon mustard is also a lip smacker.  

Buffalo chicken dip  

In addition to the guacamole, salsa, queso, or spinach and artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip is a first-round pick!  What makes it even better?  Buffalo chicken dip can be made in a slow cooker, so you don’t really have to do much.  

Mac and cheese  

Whether it is homemade or a big pot of Kraft, no Big Game party is complete without mac and cheese.  This is a recipe that could also be made in a slow cooker.  Just set it and forget it. Until it’s time to eat, of course! 


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